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Harriman High School

Student/Teacher Communications During Closure

During the extended closure due to COVID-19, Roane County Schools is utilizing multiple methods of communication between teachers and students.  With our district Google accounts, students have the ability to reach out to teachers regarding assignments, questions, and additional instructional resources.  We have tools such as email, Google Chat, and Google Meet that are keeping our district connected.  In allowing certain tools, communication among students has been allowed in the case of group projects requiring discussion with classmates.  At home, many students are communicating via cell phones, personal mobile devices, social media, and other methods we may not even know.  Communication (from both sender and receiver) with our district tools and logins is archived and can be accessed by our district Technology department.  

Just as if students were in class, we hope our students are using these tools at home as they have been taught by parents, guardians, and teachers.  In instances where students are not using tools correctly, the school will handle discipline issues just as they would when students are in the building and action will be taken to ensure safety and effective use by students.  At any time, a parent or guardian can request their child’s login information.  Please know that if at any time you have an issue with your child and his or her device, reach out to your child’s teacher or principal.
Scott Calahan, Ph.D.
Harriman High School Principal