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Harriman High School

HHS Student Recognized by SAILS Math

From RCS News - Newsletter:

Mrs Rogers and Student IndiyahWe are so proud that an HHS student was featured in the SAILS Program Newsletter. "At Harriman High School, in Harriman, TN, one high school senior is surpassing all expectations in the SAILS program. Indiyah Frazier, a student in Ms. Tammy Rogers' class, has already completed SAILS and is now working toward completing the SAILS+ portion of the course. Her class has a year long schedule, which makes this even more astounding, but her motivation to take dual enrollment in the spring has been the factor behind all the hard work.

"Indiyah is such a joy to work with in class," says Ms. Rogers. "She pushes herself and others to work hard in SAILS. Indiyah is very self-motivated. She has said from the first day of class that she will complete SAILS and SAILS+ by Christmas in order to take dual enrollment College Algebra in the spring."

And that is the beauty of this program. Students who would have been required to complete remediation in college, can now get ahead and complete remediation and a college-level class while still in high school. Harriman's SAILS Field Coordinator, Melanie Sherrill, along with the rest of the staff, are excited to see Indiyah taking advantage of this opportunity.

Here are Indiyah's thoughts on SAILS:

What do you like about SAILS?
I'm excited about SAILS saving time so I don't have to take a remedial course when I start college. I'm also excited about SAILS preparing me for when I do take College Algebra.

What is your favorite part about the SAILS program so far?

The program has help [additional resources] with homework, but then it lets you test your knowledge when it comes to taking the quizzes and tests. 

How is SAILS different from other classes you have taken in high school?
In SAILS, there are specific grades you have to meet in order to move on, unlike other high school classes, where you only have to be passing by a letter grade.

In addition to her schoolwork, Indiyah is involved in the Ebony Club and manages the boys' basketball team. She plans to attend college after high school and study business. She would like to be able to start her own business one day. We believe she can do it!"