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Harriman High School

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Class Schedule

Class Period Time Period Class
1st Period 8:15-9:06 U.S. History and Geography
2nd Period 9:11-10:02 World History and Geography
3rd Period 10:07-10:58 Planning
4th Period 11:03-11:54 World History and Geography
1st Lunch 11:54-12:24 1st Lunch
6th Period 11:59-1:24 World History and Geography
2nd Lunch 12:54-1:24 2nd Lunch
7th Period 1:29-2:20 AP U.S. History
8th Period 2:25-3:15 U.S. History and Geography

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Google Classroom

 If you haven't already... check your school email address. (Just do this in the Google Mail app/website.  Your username is the same one you use to sign in to any school computer followed by -your password is the same you use to sign in to a school computer.) If you have me this year, you should have an invite to our Google Classroom page.  Just click "accept."