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Harriman High School

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Course Offerings & Dual Enrollment

HHS Course Offerings


English I, II, III, & IV (College Prep classes available)

Algebra I, II, Geometry, Bridge Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Biology I, Physical Science, Chemistry I, AP Biology, AP Chemistry

World History & Geography , US Government/Civics, Economics, US History, AP US History

Wellness, PE II, Weightlifting

Spanish I & II

Personal Finance, ACT Prep

Instrumental Music, General Music I & II (Vocal, Adv. Vocal), Music History


Career & Technical Education Classes

Health Science Education, Medical Diagnostics, Nursing Education, Medical Assistant Education (Dual Enrollment TCAT Harriman)

Criminal Justice I, II, & III

Computer Science Foundations, Coding 1 & 2 

STEM: Principals of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Robotics

Work Based Learning (Student must have job before start of semester)

*Industry Certifications are offered for the following:

CNA Certification (Health Sciences)

COMP TIA Certification & Microsoft Technology Associate Developer Certification (Computer Sciences/Information Technology)


Dual Enrollment Opportunities

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  • Early Bird Courses are offered before school weekdays starting at 7AM-8:15AM for eligible students
  • Students must be a Junior, have a 3.0, and have qualifying ACT or PreACT score in subject area:

English Composition I & II (Must have 18 English and 19 Reading)

Psychology (Must have 19 Reading)

College Algebra (Must have 21 Math)

  • Middle College

Students must be a Junior and must have 3.25 GPA AND 24 ACT or PreACT score to be eligible (Student must have 21 on the Math subtest of the ACT or PreACT)

Students must complete Algebra II by the end of 10th grade 

Students will be able to complete a 2-year associates degree from RSCC at the completion of 12th grade!



  • Early College
12th grade students that meet the requirements for Middle College may elect to take college courses at RSCC during the school day.
*These are students that choose not to do the full two years (Middle College) but just want to take college courses at RSCC their last      year of high school.   


  Website Link

  • Students must be at least a Junior with a 2.0 GPA and good record of attendance/behavior
  • Students may attend classes during the school day if schedule allows for them to do so
  • NEW 2016-17 CNA classes at HHS!  Offering Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology


Diesel Mechanics, Automotive Technology, Welding, Business Systems Technology, Machine Tool Technology, Wiring

AP Courses and Testing Information

Current Courses Offered: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP US History


  • AP Biology - Students must complete Bio I and Chem I ("C" avg. or higher)
  • AP Chemistry - Must complete Bio I & Chem I ("C" avg. or higher)
  • AP US History - May take in place of US History but must take AP Exam

*Note: Students are NOT required to take AP Exam at the completion of the course however, students can receive the extra quality point on the 5.0 scale for taking the exam.

More Info: Please visit the Collegeboard's AP Central website for more information on what AP has to offer! Click Here!