Members of the HHS FCCLA who will be attending the State Leadership Conference being held in Gatlinburg, March 20-22.

Abby Stout competes in National Programs in Action, highlighting the National FCCLA programs FACTS. FACTS focuses on promoting traffic safety within communities; Abby demonstrated this with a fabulous Road Safety Week at HHS.

Lainey Skarsten and Kayla Sandoz will compete in Entrepreneurship by presenting their business model of a Cat Cafe.

Morgan Boling will compete in a Job Interview, where she will sit for a mock interview and present a professional portfolio highlighting her strengths and professional skills gained through FCCLA.

We know that HHS is well represented, and we wish these ladies the BEST of luck!

Don't forget! You can help these ladies with their trip to the National Conference by eating at El Cants on Monday, March 25, from 5:00-9:30 pm.